Positivity Is My Purpose

Tuesday, April 9, 2019


One of the main parts of keeping a positive mind frame is realizing that everything you have is a gift. Health, money, material possessions, and life itself can be taken away at any time without warning. If we are in a constant state of thankfulness and appreciation for the things that we have and the things that we have accomplished thus far in our lives we won't have time to notice all of the negative things and all of the things have yet to accomplish. It is easy for us to focus on all the negative aspects of our lives. But if you actively seek out all of the positive things about your life you will find out that being thankful is a full-time job. Be thankful that you don't have the job you think you want. That job could be with takes you away from your family and what keeps you from focusing on your true purpose. Be thankful you don't have that relationship you think you want. That could be what turns your spirit bitter and cold because the person isn't the right one for you. Be thankful you didn't go on that trip that you wanted to go on. You could have been saved from a deadly plane or car crash. No matter what you are going through you must remember that you are protected and highly favored. Though you might not understand it at the moment, everything that is happening to you is happening for a reason, and for that we must be soul shakingly grateful!

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